'byNight Dyes’ yarns are naturally handdyed in Belgium with plants, bugs and lots of love in very small batches.

Natural dyeing is absolutely fascinating and the possibilities are endless... My work and yarns are destined to knitters and crocheters that like the idea of owning unique yarns with a story.

The colors nature gives us vary enormously depending on the brightness or type of light (artificial or natural). The tones are often kind of in between 2. Neither quite beige nor frankly green or just slightly pink. The colors are alive and, once knitted, reveal themselves even better and combine beautifully with each other.  

I either use local plants -  from my garden or brought back from walks and getaways or more exotic traditional plants that I buy in specialized shops.

The yarns come from Belgium, France, Great Britain, Argentine or Uruguay. I want to know where comes the undyed wool that I use and am constantly looking for new yarns and plants to experiment with.

Since each dye bath is a new adventure,  I can not guarantee to get the same tints again. Be sure to order enough yarn for your projects.
Moreover, in the same bath, skeins can have different shades. I therefore recommend to alternate skeins.

For washing and blocking, just soak 15 minutes in 30°C water. The color might slightly bleed but, don't worry, it won't affect the final result. Lay flat - away from direct sunlight.

Natural dye results hang to many parameters: type of wool, species or the age of the sheep, water-PH, cooking temperature, date or place the plants were plucked, among others ... It is also - and inevitably - directly connected to nature and the seasons and it completely changed the way I look at my garden or the woods and fields around.

 I like it to be random... At first, when starting a new dye bath, I know which color range I am heading for, but because all these parameters  and, unless we have a chemistry lab, the final result is never guaranteed. And I love it.

All yarns are selected with great care and are manufactured in accordance with the most stringent environmental and social standards. They all are guaranteed mulesing-free (that is, no wool-bearing skin is removed).  De SuperNova and StarSock bases are manufactured in Germany  and are certified in accordance with The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Product Class 1. The FullMoon yarn is British and comes from small farms all around UK where it is also treated and milled. The merino yarn from the Twinkle, MilkyWay and Rainbow yarns comes from Argentine and Uruguay. The mohair in the Halo yarn comes from Europe and South Africa.